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ABC7 Eyewitness News
help find taco a sylmar fire captain s dog went missing amid creekfire evacuations
HELP FIND TACO: A Sylmar fire captain's dog went missing amid #CreekFire evacuations
L.A. Daily News
creekfire evacuation zone expanded as flames jump 210 freeway
#CreekFire evacuation zone expanded as flames jump 210 Freeway
ABC7 Eyewitness News
residents beginning to evacuate in kagel canyon area as creekfire continues to burn above sylmar
Residents beginning to evacuate in Kagel Canyon area as #CreekFire continues to burn above Sylmar
@KTLA 1 year
creekfire update evacuations ordered for lopez canyon kagel canyon and little tujunga canyon live
#CreekFire update: Evacuations ordered for Lopez Canyon, Kagel Canyon and Little Tujunga Canyon. Live:
Los Angeles Times
update the creekfire is now burning 11000 acres 205 square miles are under evacuation
Update: The #Creekfire is now burning 11,000 acres. 20.5 square miles are under evacuation.
NBC News
update los angeles fire department reports creekfire remains at 11000 acres with 0 containment
UPDATE: Los Angeles Fire Department reports #CreekFire remains at 11,000 acres with 0% containment.
ABC7 Eyewitness News
breaking creekfire near sylmar lake view terrace expands to 11000 acres
#BREAKING: #CreekFire near Sylmar, Lake View Terrace expands to 11,000 acres
ABC7 Eyewitness News
dogs horses alpacas being evacuated from path of creekfire in shadow hills
Dogs, horses, alpacas being evacuated from path of #CreekFire in Shadow Hills
Christopher C. Cuomo
creekfire map shows 0 containment and 11000 acres already burned over 250000 without power california just wee
#CreekFire map shows 0% containment and 11000 acres already burned. Over 250000 without power #California just weeks from Christmas
NWS Bay Area
smoke from the thomasfire and creekfire visible on goes 15 satellite imagery cawx cafire
Smoke from the #ThomasFire and #CreekFire visible on GOES 15 satellite imagery
#CAwx #CAFire
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