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@LastQuake 3 years
felt earthquake m55 strikes 31 km nw of coquimbo chile 14 min ago please report to
Felt #earthquake M5.5 strikes 31 km NW of #Coquimbo (#Chile) 14 min ago. Please report to:
Sky News Newsdesk
us geological survey says an earthquake measuring magnitude 68 has struck 97km south southwest of coquimbo in
U.S. Geological Survey says an earthquake measuring magnitude 6.8 has struck 97km south-southwest of #Coquimbo in #Chile at a depth of 14km
China Xinhua News
death toll in chilequake rises to 11 state of emergency declared for coquimbo
Death toll in #ChileQuake rises to 11, state of emergency declared for #Coquimbo
@LastQuake 3 years
m60 earthquake sismo strikes 79 km s of coquimbo chile 15 min ago effects reported by witnesses
M6.0 #earthquake (#sismo) strikes 79 km S of #Coquimbo (#Chile) 15 min ago. Effects reported by witnesses:
@LastQuake 3 years
update m69 earthquake sismo strikes 77 km nw of coquimbo chile 50 min ago
Update: M6.9 #earthquake (#sismo) strikes 77 km NW of #Coquimbo (#Chile) 50 min ago.
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