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Eric Holthaus
sign so bad even the introverts are here victor 15 st paul minnesota climatestrike fridaysforfuture
Sign: "So bad even the introverts are here!"

Victor, 15, St Paul, Minnesota
#climatestrike #FridaysForFuture
wiiind turbiiiiine
thanks kids in todays themercurycomau climatestrike
Thanks kids. In today’s @themercurycomau #climatestrike
Eric Holthaus
123 countries 2000 cities 100000 s of young people on climatestrike photo from sydney australia today
123 countries
2000+ cities
100,000's of young people on #climatestrike

[Photo from Sydney, Australia today]
Eric Holthaus
sign in st paul minnesota if you don t act like adults we will climatestrike fridaysforfuture
Sign in St. Paul Minnesota:
"If you don't act like adults, we will."
#climatestrike #FridaysForFuture
Eric Holthaus
sign at the minnesota state capitol i want you to panic gretathunberg climatestrike fridaysforfuture
Sign at the Minnesota State Capitol: "I want you to panic" -@GretaThunberg

#climatestrike #FridaysForFuture
Bill McKibben
oh yes and the best news is there are thousands like her around the world just watch tomorrow climatestrike
Oh yes! and the best news is, there are thousands like her around the world--just watch tomorrow! #ClimateStrike
Jewel Topsfield
spotted on collins st climatestrike
Spotted on Collins St. #ClimateStrike
Guido Fawkes
watch skiving kids chant theresa may s a fing whre climatestrike
WATCH: Skiving Kids Chant "Theresa May's a F***ing Wh*re" #ClimateStrike
Adam Bandt
heroes climatestrike
Eric Holthaus
there s got to be at least 1000 people here in st paul mn the atmosphere of the crowd is electric climatestrik
There's got to be at least 1,000 people here in St Paul MN. The atmosphere of the crowd is electric.
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