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hayley from Paramore
wow this pic if the situation in ferguson isn t a catalyst for real change then nothing is civilrights
Wow. This pic. If the situation in #Ferguson isn't a catalyst for real change then nothing is. #civilrights
US National Archives
watch first time voters cast their ballots in 1966 civilrights voting nmaahc
Watch first time voters cast their ballots in 1966: #Civilrights #voting @NMAAHC
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Dr. Marty Fox
attn civilrights icon john lewis the nra armed amp trained blacks to defend against the democrat party kkk
ATTN: #CivilRights Icon John Lewis

The #NRA Armed & Trained Blacks

To Defend Against The #Democrat Party #KKK
Moni Basu
martin luther king iii arrives for selma50 mlk civilrights
Martin Luther King III arrives for #Selma50. #MLK #civilrights
Pauley Perrette
everythime gay haters attack me i know i m doing my job well and i will not be quiet lgbtrights civilrights lo
Everythime gay haters attack me, I know I'm doing my job well.
And I will not be quiet. #LGBTrights #CivilRights #Love
@RT_com 3 years
arrest photo emerges of berniesanders at 1963 chicago civilrights protest video
Arrest photo emerges of #BernieSanders at 1963 #Chicago #CivilRights protest (VIDEO)
US National Archives
today marks the 54th anniversary of the march on washington in august 1963 civilrights
Today marks the 54th anniversary of the March on Washington in August 1963: #CivilRights
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Ed Markey
john lewis has dedicated his life to others fighting for civilrights amp equality for all americans speaks lou
John Lewis has dedicated his life to others. Fighting for #civilrights & equality for all Americans speaks louder than tweets from a tower.
Smithsonian NMAAHC
fannie lou hamer dedicated her life to civilrights activism womenshistorymonth blackgirlmagic
Fannie Lou Hamer dedicated her life to #civilrights activism. #WomensHistoryMonth #BlackGirlMagic
Smithsonian NMAAHC
otd in 1929 dr martin luther king jr was born we celebrate your commitment to civilrights for all mlk
#OTD in 1929, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born. We celebrate your commitment to #CivilRights for all. #MLK
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