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Results for CatalonianReferendum


Naomi Klein
repression against catalonianreferendum is a disgrace get informed
Repression against #CatalonianReferendum is a disgrace. Get informed:
AFP news agency
breaking 38 people hurt in police charges in catalonia emergency services catalonianreferendum
#BREAKING 38 people hurt in police charges in Catalonia: emergency services #CatalonianReferendum
Angus B MacNeil MP
i support catalaonia s right to choose rt catalonianreferendum
I support Catalaonia's right to choose. RT
AFP news agency
breaking police fire rubber bullets in barcelona witnesses catalonianreferendum
#BREAKING Police fire rubber bullets in Barcelona: witnesses #CatalonianReferendum
(((chris zappone)))
assange snowden the surprise backers of catalan independence catalonia catalonianreferendum
Assange, Snowden the surprise backers of Catalan independence #Catalonia #CatalonianReferendum
AFP news agency
breaking catalan president blasts unjustified violence by spanish state catalonianreferendum
#BREAKING Catalan president blasts 'unjustified violence' by Spanish state #CatalonianReferendum
Dr Paul Monaghan MP
the catalan government heads full speed towards unilaterally declaring independence catalonianreferendum
"The Catalan government heads full-speed towards unilaterally declaring independence." #CatalonianReferendum
AFP news agency
what we know about catalan independence vote catalonianreferendum
What we know about Catalan independence vote #CatalonianReferendum
AFP news agency
breaking barcelona las palmas match to be played behind closed doors club catalonianreferendum
#BREAKING Barcelona-Las Palmas match to be played behind closed doors - club #CatalonianReferendum
@RT_com 1 year
update 11 police officers injured during catalonianreferendum spanish interior ministry
UPDATE: 11 police officers injured during #CatalonianReferendum - Spanish interior ministry
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