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Soundcheck done. Can’t wait to see you all out there! @CapitalOfficial #CapitalJBB
So Mikey lost his passport :( That means he cant fly to the UK & has to stay in the US, so were playing #CapitalJBB as a three piece today..
It’s show timeee bitchesssss!!!!
There's always time to watch @LiamPayne, @lennonstella & @JonasBlue's epic #CapitalJBB performance of 'Polaroid' 📸
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Excited to open the #CapitalJBB show tomorrow, get ready to party if you’re coming !! @CapitalOfficial
I can’t wait to be back at the O2 for @CapitalOfficial’s #CapitalJBB on Sunday 10th December!
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It's finally happening! We're SO excited for @ShawnMendes' #CapitalJBB debut 😍
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It’s finally here! 👯Tonight we’re closing the #CapitalJBB and you can watch the whole show 💞
Taking it back to #ShoutOutToMyEx at #CapitalJBB
Who's coming to see us tomorrow? 👀
the girls x
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