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Taylor Nation
alright after all that voting it s time to kick back relax and watch taylor on cmafest at 8 7c tonight on abc
Alright! After all that voting, it's time to kick back, relax, and watch Taylor on #CMAFest at 8/7c tonight on ABC!
Luke Bryan
nashville we sure had fun this week cmafest
Nashville, we sure had fun this week. #CMAFest
Carrie Underwood
celebrating a decade worth of cmafest memories fbf
Celebrating a decade worth of #CMAFest memories! #FBF
Luke Bryan
you were amazing last night nashville cmafest
You were amazing last night Nashville. #CMAfest
Hunter Hayes
you guys rock that was a blast cmafest milkmusic samsungmobileus
You guys ROCK! That was a BLAST! #CMAFest #MilkMusic @SamsungMobileUS
Thomas Rhett
just realized blakeshelton s hometown may or may not have inspired our daughters name cmafest
Just realized @blakeshelton's hometown may or may not have inspired our daughters name 😉 #cmafest
Luke Bryan
we ll be up early tune in cmafest cmtawards
We'll be up early. Tune in. #CMAFest #CMTAwards
Blake Shelton
countdown to cmafest starts now see y all in music city countrymusic
Countdown to #CMAfest starts now!! See y'all in Music City @CountryMusic
Luke Bryan
got to hang with my buddy cmtcody this morning cmafest
Got to hang with my buddy @cmtcody this morning #CMAfest
American Idol
we re just going to leave this here enjoy americanidol at cmafest with maddiepoppe and calebleemusic
We're just going to leave this here. Enjoy! 😍😍😍 #AmericanIdol at #CMAfest with @MaddiePoppe and @calebleemusic.
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