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In addition to Chelsea Manning, @POTUS commuted federal prison sentences of 208 more people today: 209 victories for justice and #cjreform
Police Officer Mader chose deescalation when confronting an “armed” Black man... and was wrongly fired. #CJReform
In NY, ⅔ of people in jail haven't been convicted of a crime. We can do better #MoveJusticeFWD #cjreform #BailReformNY
Alternative facts aren't just wrong. They are dangerous. Thanks @ACLU #CJreform
Law and order policing has no place in our schools. It adds to racial injustice and undermines education. #CJReform
Federal data reveals racial injustice in school policing. We need #CJReform to stop the school to prison pipeline.
Police in schools bring criminal justice system where it doesn’t belong, harm kids. #CJReform #bulliesinblue
New law will afford low income New Yorkers accused of a crime the public defense that's their right. #CJReform
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