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Argos are puttin the stamp on m. @justinbieber halftime show #cfl #greycup
Can confirm that @sskroughriders head coach and GM Chris Jones is leaving the CFL to take a job with the Cleveland Browns. #CFL
CFL announces it will approve a contract for Johnny Manziel to play in 2018. #CFL
The @TorontoArgos have made their offer for Bo Levi Mitchell. #CFL #Argos
Yes sir. Real low point in my life. Coach Wally Buono was a real class act/mentor. I'll always be grateful. #CFL
Confirming former @REDBLACKS RB William Powell has signed with @sskroughriders #CFL
Love to see all of the #CFL and #NHL players sending out #BellLetsTalk tweets.
Weston Dressler and #riders have agreed in principle on a deal. Dressler is in transit to Regina. Must pass physical. Could play Sunday #cfl
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