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China's Royole showcases foldable, bendable smartphone at #CES, whose screen is thinner than a hair. #CES2019
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Bell Nexus flying taxi could hit the skies next year #CES2019
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Taking in the views from ⁦@LGUS⁩ booth at #CES2019
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Wireless charging all your mobile devices is here #CES2019
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What’s Hot at #CES2019
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91 million @playstation 4 units sold to date, over 5.6 million sold over holidays. #CES2019
🤘Foos x @jblaudio #CES2019 🤘

Thanks for the setup Harman!!!!
What do you call a group of people wearing AR goggles together? A flock? A gaggle? A nerdherd? #CES #CES2019
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Flying taxis aren't just science-fiction anymore. @BellFlight shows off their Nexus flying taxi at #CES2019
40 year history of the mobile phone #CES2019
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