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Still kind of dazzled by this physical Pong game at #CES that uses 🧲 Too bad it’s $3,000
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What do you call a group of people wearing AR goggles together? A flock? A gaggle? A nerdherd? #CES #CES2019
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Our own @pardesoteric makes these hover shoes look easy. Would you give them a try?? #CES2019 #CES
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Pundi X XPhone uses blockchain technology to make encrypted phone calls and send texts: #CES
We’re at #CES checking out @Bellflight’s Nexus. It’s a concept flying taxi that could be in service by 2025.
Guess which product just won it's first award? #CES
Razer Tomahawk Elite - the cornerstone of your battlestation #CES
Stephanie McMahon reveals her dream WWE match-up #CES
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