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Paul Waugh
now that s what i call an answer rorystewartuk says he s frail he s human and that the macho leader model isn
Now that's what I call an answer. @RoryStewartUK says he's frail, he's human. And that the macho leader model isn't working. #C4debate
Robert Peston
i hope it is one of us that becomes prime minister says rorystewartuk on the anyone but boris c4debate
“I hope it is one of us that becomes prime minister” says @RoryStewartUK on the anyone-but-Boris #c4debate
Channel 4 News
83 yr old sheila hancock surely we can solve our problems better united than if we close our eyes c4debate
83-yr-old Sheila Hancock: "Surely we can solve our problems better united, than if we close our eyes" #C4Debate
Jeremy Hunt
where is boris c4debate hastobehunt
Jonathan Freedland
standout line of the c4debate so far this is a competition of machismo says rorystewartuk
Standout line of the #C4debate so far: “This is a competition of machismo”, says @RoryStewartUK
The Labour Party
it s this tory government holding britain back not the eu if you agree with jeremycorbyn share this c4debate
It's this Tory Government holding Britain back, not the EU. If you agree with @jeremycorbyn, share this #c4debate
Adam Boulton
c4debate the others gang up on raab re prorogation he looks like the lightweight in this gathering
#C4debate The others gang up on Raab re prorogation. He looks like the lightweight in this gathering.
The Labour Party
on the ballot paper this thursday british jobs and future prosperity c4debate
On the ballot paper this Thursday: British jobs and future prosperity #C4Debate
Channel 4 News
dreda say mitchell says those in stoke newcastle hull amp sheffield aren t feeling the benefits of the eu c4de
Dreda Say Mitchell says those in Stoke, Newcastle, Hull & Sheffield aren't feeling the benefits of the EU #C4Debate
Ian Fraser
such wise words from sheila hancock voteremain c4debate
Such wise words from Sheila Hancock #voteRemain #c4debate
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