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Tottenham Hotspur
someone was enjoying themselves during training earlier c
Someone was enjoying themselves during training earlier... 😃 #COYS#C
Pittsburgh Penguins
big things from c last game expectations in the peg mt realdanaheinze sid hit 400 nhl assists milestonegot puc
Big things from #C last game. Expectations in the Peg? MT @realdanaheinze Sid hit 400 NHL assists milestone—got puck
Bethenny Frankel
that last instagram comment of mine was to one of those people who i was referring to last pm c
That last Instagram comment of mine was to one of those people who I was referring to last PM. #C
O2 Sports
we ve got 4 englandrugby shirts up for grabs for a chance to win spot the ball tweet us a b or c to enter
We've got 4 @EnglandRugby shirts up for grabs. For a chance to win, spot the ball. Tweet us #A, #B or #C to enter.
Dejan Kovacevic
oh my did you c that
Oh, my, did you #C that?
US National Archives
we are onto c for archivesatoz head over to instagram for containers
We are onto #C for #ArchivesAtoZ! Head over to @Instagram for #containers:
Ramona Singer
so excited just received my spiralizer hope i can put it together c
So excited just received my spiralizer hope I can put it together #c
CBC News
@CBCNews 3 years
Video player
everybody aboard bluejays band wagon paul beeston talks jays fever with davidcommon c
Everybody aboard @BlueJays band wagon! Paul Beeston talks Jays fever with @davidcommon
citigroup s pt raised by mkm partners to 6600 buy rating c c
Citigroup's PT raised by MKM Partners to $66.00. buy rating. $C #C
The Sharks
final score in the currie cup qualifier cellc c sharks xv went down 53 16 to the lions townshiptour
Final score in the Currie Cup Qualifier, @CellC #C Sharks XV went down 53-16 to the Lions. #townshiptour
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