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One minor blessing ... This #BrexitShambles must mean we won't be hearing the now discredited #BetterTogether slogan ever again 👍
Know one thing -As we watch the UK Gov #BrexitShambles - Scotland would be better governed if we were independent than by this UK carry on.
How true are rumours that there is a shortage of Popcorn in Brussels and 27 other Euro capitals? :)
#BrexitShambles #Brexit #MESS
Theresa May's negotiations are going well with the DUP :) #FridayFeeling #Brexit #brexitshambles
Kevin Maguire: 'Lies like this end in jail, but Boris is free'. #Brexitshambles
Key post-Brexit trade deals could take 26 years, warns new analysis #BrexitShambles #BrexitChallenge
If Football is coming home, it’s going to find it in a right old mess. #BorisJohnsonResigns #BrexitShambles
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