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The Daily Edge
protesters at mike huckabee s kimdavis rally bring confederate flags as a reminder the bible also endorses sla
Protesters at Mike Huckabee's #KimDavis rally bring Confederate flags as a reminder the Bible also endorses slavery #racism #bigotry #gop
Donna Brazile
endgunviolence bigotry must be defeated love and kindness matters
#EndGunViolence #Bigotry must be defeated. Love and kindness matters.
bigotry rt stevejb54 he traded for keyshawn defended marvin harrison and mentored m vick but he thinks m sam w
#bigotry RT @SteveJB54: he traded for Keyshawn, defended Marvin Harrison, and mentored M. Vick, but he thinks M. Sam will be a distraction.
Jon Hutson
southwest airlines refuses to apologize to humanrights activist removed from plane for speaking arabic bigotry
Southwest Airlines refuses to apologize to #humanrights activist removed from plane for speaking Arabic. #bigotry
Rasmussen Reports
brexit due to failure of elites not bigotry of masses by michaelbarone
#Brexit Due to Failure of Elites, Not #Bigotry of Masses By @MichaelBarone...
icymi minnesota woman smashes muslim in face with beer mug for speaking swahili at applebees bigotry
ICYMI: Minnesota Woman Smashes Muslim in Face With Beer Mug for Speaking Swahili at Applebee’s #bigotry
Jon Hutson
trump exploits orlando shooting to smear muslims and obama thus playing into the hands of isis bigotry
Trump exploits #Orlando shooting to smear Muslims and Obama, thus playing into the hands of ISIS. #bigotry
Media Diversified
northern irelands mostunwanted racism bigotry
Northern Ireland’s most (un)wanted . #racism #bigotry
Jon Hutson
nazis registered jews romani lgbtq people donald trump would certainly implement mandatory registry of muslims
Nazis registered Jews, Romani, #LGBTQ people. Donald Trump "would certainly implement" mandatory registry of Muslims. #bigotry
Science Channel
through the wormhole with morgan freeman presents a thoughtful look at bias ton 10p gtgt bigotry racisminameri
Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman presents a thoughtful look at #bias ton. @ 10p >> #Bigotry #RacismInAmerica
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