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Cole M. Sprouse
don t forget to vote today new yorkers if independent use affidavit ballot berniesanders feelthebern
Don't forget to vote today New Yorkers. If independent, use affidavit ballot. #BernieSanders #FeelTheBern
Danny Glover
i want berniesanders to win the democratic ticket here s why
I want #BernieSanders to win the Democratic ticket. Here's why:
Naomi Klein
gentle reminder the climate decisions in the next 5 years will shape the future of humanity hilary cannot be t
Gentle reminder: the climate decisions in the next 5 years will shape the future of humanity. Hilary cannot be trusted. Vote #BernieSanders
Sarah Silverman
ted cruz got 15m from the koch brothers berniesanders raised 15m from 400000 citizens each donating 250 justsa
Ted Cruz got $15M from the Koch brothers. #BERNIESANDERS raised $15M from 400,000 citizens each donating $250 #JUSTSAYIN @SenSanders
Sarah Silverman
berniesanders is the only candidate not for sale politicians show u have the guts to endorse him amp show ur n
#BERNIESANDERS is the only candidate not for sale. POLITICIANS: show u have the guts to endorse him & show ur not for sale either
Big Boi
@BigBoi 3 years
chopping it up with bernie sanders feelthebern berniesanders biggrams
Chopping it up With Bernie Sanders #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #BigGrams
Sarah Silverman
i am so proud to have gotten to introduce berniesanders at last night s rally in la giveemhellbernie notforsal
I am so proud to have gotten to introduce #BernieSanders at last night's rally in LA
#GiveEmHellBernie #NotForSale
Sarah Silverman
berniesanders not on chicago sample ballot wow can someone explain this
#BernieSanders not on Chicago sample ballot.
WOW. Can someone explain this?
ABC7 News
berniesanders campaign says it was disappointed by emails from the dnc leaked through wikileaks
#BernieSanders campaign says it was “disappointed’ by emails from the #DNC leaked through WikiLeaks.
Cole M. Sprouse
civil right activists stopping a berniesanders speech is practically cannibalism this isn t the way you appeal
Civil right activists stopping a #BernieSanders speech is practically cannibalism. This isn't the way you appeal to a rational audience.
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