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Results for AustralianOpen

Mesut Özil
what an exciting final congrats to my friend rogerfederer legend tennis australianopen
What an exciting final! 🎾🏆 Congrats to my friend @RogerFederer! #legend #tennis #AustralianOpen
Anushka Sharma
beautiful sunny day at tennis with this beautiful sunny boy australianopen ausopen
Beautiful sunny day at tennis with this beautiful sunny boy ❤️ #AustralianOpen #ausopen
Elizabeth Windsor
ok listen up andy murray you know the deal you lose you re scottish you win you re british australianopen
Ok listen up Andy Murray. You know the deal: you lose, you're Scottish; you win, you're British. #AustralianOpen
BBC Breaking News
novak djokovic wins 5th australianopen with 7 6 6 7 6 3 6 0 victory over andy murray
Novak Djokovic wins 5th #AustralianOpen with 7-6 6-7 6-3 6-0 victory over Andy Murray
BBC Breaking News
how serena williams reacted to winning australianopen amp 19th grand slam
How Serena Williams reacted to winning #AustralianOpen & 19th Grand Slam
Stanislas Wawrinka
mood ready australianopen tennis ausopen
Mood 👉🏻🧔🏻 #ready #australianopen #tennis #AusOpen
shonda rhimes
up late for the best reason in the world venus amp serenathe tennis nerd in me is filled with fangirl joy aust
Up late for the best reason in the world. Venus & Serena.The tennis nerd in me is filled with fangirl joy. #AustralianOpen #SerenavsVenus
Elizabeth Windsor
scottish andymurray australianopen
Scottish. #AndyMurray #AustralianOpen
Rafa Nadal
heading back home see you soon australianopen and melbourne thanks to crowntowers for their attention these we
Heading back home. See you soon #australianopen and Melbourne. Thanks to @crowntowers for their attention these weeks
@BET 4 years
congrats to serenawilliams for winning her 6th australianopen and her 19th grandslam
Congrats to @serenawilliams for winning her 6th #AustralianOpen and her 19th #GrandSlam !
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