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Ayman Mohyeldin
breaking us has carried out missile strikes against syrian military airfield in 1st direct action against assa
Breaking: US has carried out missile strikes against #Syrian military airfield in 1st direct action against #Assad regime
Marco Rubio
this is what putin amp assad must answer for
This is what #Putin & #Assad must answer for.
Charles Lister
this is what assad regime victory looks like let that sink in darayya
This is what #Assad regime “victory” looks like.

Let that sink in.

#Darayya #داريا
Charles Lister
graphic if isis had done this it would be front page news worldwide but assad did it so it doesnt matter
[Graphic] - If #ISIS had done this, it would be front-page news worldwide. But #Assad did it, so it doesn’t matter.
Saudi Embassy
saudiarabia supports courageous decision by us against assad regime
#SaudiArabia supports courageous decision by US against #Assad regime
Charles Lister
assad responsible for 9596 of civilian deaths armed opposition 142 unidentified 106 isis 091
- #Assad responsible for 95.96% of civilian deaths.
- Armed opposition: 1.42%
- Unidentified: 1.06%
- #ISIS: 0.91%
Marco Rubio
assad thanks putin for helping bomb hospitals schools amp commit warcrimes against children amp civilians in s
#Assad thanks #Putin for helping bomb hospitals, schools & commit #WarCrimes against children & civilians in #Syria
Charles Lister
horrible scenes from idlib 35 dead amp 70 wounded after assad regime airstrike hit veg market of iftar shopper
Horrible scenes from #Idlib

35+ dead & 70+ wounded after #Assad regime airstrike hit veg market of Iftar shoppers:
Trish Regan
with realdonaldtrump going after assad the whole trump as a putin puppet theory promoted by the left needs to
With @realDonaldTrump going after #Assad - the whole #Trump as a #Putin puppet theory promoted by the left needs to take a back seat
Hala Jaber
my interview with syrias president assad this week
My interview with #Syria”s President #Assad this week.
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