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Tweetchat: Water on Mars! Question about our new discovery? Use #askNASA now #MarsAnnouncement
LIVE NOW: Major Mars mystery revealed! Watch live on NASA TV & use #askNASA for questions:
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Join us for tonight's #Geminids meteor shower! Our experts answer #askNASA Qs 11pm-3am ET:
Mars mystery solved? Find out Monday at 11:30am ET at a live briefing on NASA TV: Q? #askNASA
Our @NASAJuno spacecraft will take pics of #Jupiter with JunoCam. #askNASA about this instrument today at 4:15pm ET.
.@NASANewHorizons “phoned home" & is healthy! Q? Use #askNASA during our 9:30pm ET briefing:
LIVE NOW: #Perseids #MeteorShower TweetChat. Use #askNASA for questions & watch NASA TV:
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LIVE Now: @NASANewHorizons #PlutoFlyby briefing with new images! Watch: Question? Use #askNASA
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