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Dr. Marty Fox
my parents survived auschwitz they came to america because they wanted to be americans not to become parasites
My Parents Survived Auschwitz

They Came To #America
Because They Wanted To Be #Americans

NOT To Become Parasites
Donald J. Trump
bcuzimdamomma freedavidking no she only gets americans killed benghazi we need realdonaldtrump maga
"@bcuzimdamomma: @FreeDavidKing No she only gets #Americans killed #Benghazi - we need @realDonaldTrump #MAGA"
Dr. Marty Fox
only corrupt hillary amp her media presstitutes could cite testifying about killing 4 americans as evidence o
Only Corrupt #Hillary & Her Media #Presstitutes

Could Cite Testifying About Killing 4 #Americans

As Evidence O…
Dr. Marty Fox
the left is blaming the gop and distracting from obama failing to protect americans from jihad rinos silent
The #Left Is Blaming The #GOP

And Distracting From #Obama Failing To Protect #Americans From #Jihad

#RINOS Silent
Dr. Marty Fox
attn king obama we are not a nation of immigrants we are legal immigrants who assimilate amp become americans
ATTN King #Obama

We Are NOT A Nation Of #Immigrants

We ARE LEGAL #Immigrants

Who Assimilate & Become #Americans
Dr. Marty Fox
obamasamerica we must ban guns background checks that work for syrianrefugees won t work for americans

We Must Ban #Guns

Background Checks That Work For #SyrianRefugees

➡️ Won't Work For #Americans
Dr. Marty Fox
refugeeresettlement brings democrat voting muslims to america killing americans is just a bonus

➡️ Brings #Democrat Voting #Muslims To #America

➡️ Killing #Americans Is Just A Bonus
Dr. Marty Fox
while obama killed jobs trump lands 50b deal with 50000 more jobs for americans
While #Obama Killed Jobs

#Trump Lands $50B Deal

With 50,000 More Jobs For #Americans
Dr. Marty Fox
wikileaks hillarysaccomplishment works well with terrorists who want to kill americans draintheswamp
Dr. Marty Fox
the left detests americans who love their country lyinghillary just happened to admit it basketofdeplorables
The #Left Detests #Americans Who Love Their Country

#LyingHillary Just Happened To Admit It

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