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BBC News Africa
sudan s albashir reportedly left his hotel in a black bmw final clearance has been given
Sudan's #AlBashir reportedly left his hotel in a black BMW. Final clearance has been given
Jon Williams
bit rich us criticizes south africa for ignoring albashir icc ruling when it doesn t recognize court sudan
Bit rich! US criticizes South Africa for ignoring #alBashir ICC ruling - when it doesn't recognize court! #Sudan
Karyn Maughan
government announces intent to appeal albashir ruling
Government announces intent to appeal #AlBashir ruling
EWN Reporter
breaking albashir the sca has dismissed governments appeal finding that its failure to arrest al bashir was un
BREAKING #AlBashir The SCA has dismissed government’s appeal, finding that its failure to arrest Al Bashir was unlawful. BB
Mail & Guardian
the decision by the south african government not the arrest albashir was inconsistent with south african law
“The decision by the South African government not the arrest #AlBashir was inconsistent with South African law.”
Karyn Maughan
high court ordered investigation into how albashir was allowed to leave country appeal court ruling means this
High Court ordered investigation into how #AlBashir was allowed to leave country. Appeal Court ruling means this investigation must go ahead
EWN Reporter
albashir governments appeal dismissed the failure to detain him was unlawful bb
#AlBashir government’s appeal dismissed. The failure to detain him was unlawful. BB
sudan s capital heeds the call for strike sudan albashir sudanuprising
China Xinhua News
albashir saga at ausummit2015 in safrica reveals tension between icc and african leaders
#AlBashir saga at #AUSummit2015 in S.Africa reveals tension between ICC and African leaders
Reuters Africa
sudanese president bashir leaves southafrica state minister sudan albashir waterkloof
Sudanese president Bashir leaves #SouthAfrica: state minister #Sudan #AlBashir #Waterkloof
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