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Results for Africans

Ali AlAhmed
disgusting video showing kuwaiti aid workers requiring hungry africans 2 convert 2 islam b4 giving them food u
Disgusting video showing #Kuwaiti aid workers requiring hungry #Africans 2 convert 2 Islam b4 giving them food #US
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
africans and charities
#Africans and charities
World Bank
the ten richest africans own as much as the poorest half of the continent poverty
The ten richest #Africans own as much as the poorest half of the continent: #poverty
lawrence money
apparently they re just groups of lone wolves oz africans
Apparently they're just groups of lone wolves. (Oz) #Africans
BBC News Africa
africans in us fear backlash following ebola case in dallas
#Africans in US fear backlash following #ebola case in Dallas.
World Bank
only 1 in 3 africans has electricity how can we make power work for the continent
Only 1 in 3 #Africans has #electricity, how can we make power work for the continent?
World Bank
11m young africans enter the labor market every year how can we ensure employment
11M young #Africans enter the labor market every year. How can we ensure #employment?
China Xinhua News
this summer they will learn kungfu 23 africans come a long way to practice buddhism at chinas shaolin temple
This summer they will learn #Kungfu! 23 #Africans come a long way to practice #Buddhism at China’s #Shaolin Temple
UN Development
2 3rd of africans make their living off the land see why climateaction matters cop21
2/3rd of #Africans make their living off the land. See why #ClimateAction matters: #COP21
Kristin Bauer
rt leodicaprio rickygervais this is an historic event africans send a strong message worthmorealive
RT @LeoDiCaprio @rickygervais - this is an historic event. #Africans send a strong message #WorthMoreAlive
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