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Great series win and a total team performance. So happy to finish the tour on a high. Jai hind 🇮🇳 #AUSvIND
India skipper Virat Kohli in the Adelaide Oval nets today (watch with the sound on).

@alintaenergy | #AUSvIND
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51 in Sydney
55* in Adelaide
87* in Melbourne

@msdhoni is the Player of the Series! #AUSvIND
A cheeky phone call derailed Tim Paine's press conference after play! 🤣🤣 #AUSvIND
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Cheteshwar Pujara: can bat, can't dance? 🤣🤣

Celebrations have well and truly begun for Team India! #AUSvIND
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"If Rohit hits a six here I'm changing to Mumbai" 😂

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It was Rishabh Pant's turn for some fun on the stump mic today... #AUSvIND
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Incredible batting by @ImHarmanpreet! Come on India- Let's go out and win the second half of the game as well. #AUSvIND #WWC17 #WomenInBlue
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