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Still unbeaten with Riri 😂👍🏼@rihanna #WorldCupFinal2014 #AFC #Emirates #luckycharm @Arsenal @DFB_Team
@BBCSport @Arsenal Hell will freeze over before this transfer would happen. #Poldi #aha #AlwaysAGunner #NeverCheatYourClub #AFC #Redarmy
Have seen the media reports today. Arsène Wenger was a big reason for me joining Arsenal – this hasn’t changed! #Respect #AFC
Harry Kane wouldn't get on our bench. #afc
Alexandre Lacazette has signed a 5yr contract to become Arsenal's record signing, joining from Lyon in a deal worth €53m rising to €60m #AFC
Arsenal are close to agreeing a deal to sign Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette. Negotiations continuing, expected to be club record fee #AFC
Arsenal close to completing Lacazette deal. Final fee almost agreed & he'll then have medical & finalise terms to become #AFC record signing
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