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Siddharth V Patankar
audi a6 facelift updated engine gearbox matrix led lights starts at rs 495 lakh ex delhi svp cnb itjustknows
Audi #A6 facelift: updated engine/gearbox, Matrix LED lights. Starts at Rs 49.5 lakh ex-Delhi. SVP #CNB #ItJustKnows
Auto Express
audi add sport trim to the a6 allroad quattro see what comes as standard here
#Audi add Sport trim to the #A6 allroad Quattro. See what comes as standard here:
Consumer Reports
congrats audi the a6 is a 2015 top pick crcarfest cars
Congrats, @Audi! The #A6 is a 2015 Top Pick! #CRcarFest #cars
India Today
audiin drives in the new audi a6 matrix
.@AudiIN drives in the new #Audi #A6 #Matrix
India Today
audiin to launch a6 facelift on august 20
.@AudiIN to launch #A6 facelift on August 20
Siddharth V Patankar
Video player
innovative not surprised its from cnb s communications team of 2015 no launch only video release svp audiin a6
Innovative! Not surprised its from #CNB's Communications Team of 2015. No launch only video release! SVP @Audiin #A6
India Today
review autotodaymag share their experience with the audiin a6 matrix
#Review: .@AUTOTODAYMAG ​ share their experience with the @AudiIN #A6 #Matrix
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