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Knickers, a Holstein Friesian steer, is a bovine behemoth that sticks out from the herd. #7News
Disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner released from prison #7News
Lightning strikes the Mt Panorama motor racing circuit at Bathurst. Video: Mick Smith. #7News
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A little girl's weather report from Townsville is tonight going viral online. #7News
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Saudi Arabian security forces have put on a spectacular show before the annual Hajj pilgrimage. #7News
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A stand up paddle boarder has had a surprise encounter with a dolphin in Western Australia. #Dolphin #7News
The world's oldest-known message in a bottle has been found on a beach north of Perth. #7News
Happy New Year Melbourne! Here's to a great 2019! #7News
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A driver who deliberately ran a cyclist off the road has escaped with just a fine. #7News
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Despicable Minion taunts homeowner after caught on CCTV stealing his lawn in WA. #7News
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