There’s a new space race among private companies that has attracted millionaires & billionaires. #60Minutes meets one of them, Sunday.
Tomorrow, a #60Minutes report on fighting wildfires, which cost federal agencies almost $2 billion last year.
Thousands participate in the annual Bataan Memorial Death March, but only one of them lived through the actual event. Sunday’s #60Minutes
When Sarah Parcak looked at satellite imagery of one site in Egypt, she saw what others hadn't: signs of rampant looting. #60Minutes
Next, archaeologist Sarah Parcak gives #60Minutes a look at the satellite imagery she uses to explore the earth’s surface -- from space.
Next, a #60Minutes report on the alleged misuse of jailhouse informants in Orange County, CA jails.
I saw those sunflower seeds. It was stunning. There was also an interactive exhibit to record & send him messages. #aiweiwei #60minutes
Once you've experienced freedom, it stays in your heart. #aiweiwei #60Minutes
It's not good enough to be rich. You should be free. #aiweiwei #60Minutes
Next, #60Minutes sits down with Ai Weiwei, China’s most famous political dissident.
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