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Reality guide: Six problems physics can’t explain
"Ireland are the unofficial kings of world rugby" #IREvNZL
The real weirdos never even make it to land.
#Space: astronomers have captured the passage of #exoplanet #BetaPictorisb into the glare of its star. Amazing #timelapse! via @earthskyscience
This week, the kilogram was redefined. But what does this mean for scientists and engineers, and for those of us beyond the science lab? Dr Jane Desborough, Curator of Scientific Instruments, explains more in this blog post
Don’t forget to come to my #CalMah panel today at [insert time here], and then come visit my table at [seriously, check your schedule, I keep saying the times wrong.] 😁
How to better understand the way you think, and put it to good use
Ireland 16 New Zealand 9: Ireland player ratings #IREvNZL
We're returning to the Moon, preparing to go beyond to Mars. We are going. We are NASA.
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Day after CIA assessment that Saudi Crown Prince ordered Khashoggi’s murder is revealed, Pres Trump says, one, he hasn’t been briefed yet and, two, “We also have a great ally in Saudi Arabia. They give us a lot of jobs..a lot of business, a lot of economic development.”
It’s saturday night but @Ocasio2018 is spending her evening in sweats on a zoom answering questions from @justicedems activists to take them through the green deal. Not your grandmother’s congress is an understatement.
Washington, D.C. makes the perfect backdrop for a rocket launch! The Jefferson Memorial was illuminated early this morning by @northropgrumman's #Antares rocket & spa#Cygnuscecraft that will deliver ~7,400 pounds of cargo to the . Mo@Space_Stationre:
We have ice shelves breaking off of Antarctica that are the size of Rhode Island. We have wildfires in California the size of Rhode Island.
Maybe we should start measure climate change impacts in units of #RhodeIslands
California's smoke is so bad the cable cars are shut down and the Stanford-Cal game postponed for the first time since JFK's assassination. But the real story is the long-term damage to the lungs of millions
All Blacks v Ireland: Steve Hansen says Ireland are 'top team in the world'
Standing down from Monday’s launch attempt of Spaceflight SSO-A: SmallSat Express to conduct additional pre-flight inspections. Once complete, we will confirm a new launch date.
Data from space is informing those fighting #CaliforniaFires, @northropgrumman's #Cygnus spacecraft launches to the @Space_Station, and showcasing the powerhouse for our @NASA_Orion spacecraft … a few of the stories to tell you about this week. More:
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If confirmed, it would be the first impact crater on Earth discovered under ice
T-60 seconds until launch →
Using NASA #OperationIceBridge data, an international team discovered a meteorite impact crater beneath the Greenland ice sheet. One of the largest impact craters on Earth, it’s 1,000 feet deep and more than 19 miles across!
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Falcon 9's first stage has landed on SpaceX's drone ship "Of Course I Still Love You,” back from its second trip to space.

Mission Accomplished! 🇮🇳

Here's a stunning capture by SDSC SHAR crew of #GSLVMkIIID2 roaring away to its destination carrying #GSAT29 under the watchful eyes of Moon. The 1st operational mission of #GSLVMkIII will be #Chandrayaan-2.

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Just six light-years away, a frozen world seems to be orbiting a small, dim red star s
New: A federal judge finds Georgia county violated Civil Rights Act by rejecting voters’ absentee ballots with omitted or incorrect birth dates. Earlier in same case, judge prohibited state’s rejection of absentee ballots for signature mismatch issues.
New: federal judge in Florida has ruled that the state must give voters whose mistmatched signatures disqualified their ballots until Saturday at 5 p.m. to correct those signature problems.
Sand cats are typically hard to find, but these adorable kittens—spotted in the Moroccan Sahara—were hard to miss
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