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@CNNMoney 3 months
facebook is bad for democracy and its executives have put profits over their civic responsibilities an early i
Facebook is bad for democracy and its executives have put profits over their civic responsibilities, an early investor in the company charges.

Roger McNamee makes these claims in a new book, "Zucked: Waking up to the Facebook catastrophe," due out Tuesday
Twitchy Team
this is so zucked up facebook now censoring prager university including a kimberley strassel video on wait for
THIS IS SO ZUCKED UP! Facebook now censoring Prager University, including a Kimberley Strassel video on ... wait for it ... censorship
The New York Times
in zucked the venture capitalist roger mcnamee a former mentor to mark zuckerberg reveals the inner workings b
In “Zucked,” the venture capitalist Roger McNamee — a former mentor to Mark Zuckerberg — reveals the inner workings behind Facebook's rise to become a global behemoth
@Techmeme 3 months
zucked a book by early facebook investor roger mcnamee details facebook s damage to society the dystopia it cr
Zucked, a book by early Facebook investor Roger McNamee, details Facebook's damage to society, the dystopia it created, and advocates breaking up its monopoly (Tom Bissell / New York Times)
Fast Company
one of mark zuckerbergs mentors and early investors in facebook roger mcnamee has become a fierce critic of th
One of Mark Zuckerberg’s mentors and early investors in Facebook, Roger McNamee, has become a fierce critic of the company and unloads both barrels in his upcoming book, "Zucked"
Washington Post
perspective an early facebook investor throws up his hands weve been zucked zucked
Perspective: An early Facebook investor throws up his hands.

We’ve been "Zucked." ‘Zucked.’
Twitchy Team
we re very sorry facebook admits it zucked up restores censored prager university videos
"We're very sorry": Facebook admits it ZUCKED UP, restores censored Prager University videos
The Register
absolutely zucked facebook share price drops 25 after hours
Absolutely Zucked: Facebook share price drops ~25% after hours
@TIME 1 year
the internet is telling mark zuckerberg to get zucked
The Internet is telling Mark Zuckerberg to 'get zucked'
Evgeny Morozov
in my review of zucked i distinguish between data as private property vs data as public infrastructure not sur
In my review of Zucked, I distinguish between data as private property vs. data as public infrastructure - not sure how this distinction is lost on so many on the progressive side of this debate
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