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Nick Hoult
root at toss i had a quid i didn t know they provided a coin i didn t want to look like a tight yorkshireman w
Root at toss:"I had a quid. I didn't know they provided a coin. I didn't want to look like a tight Yorkshireman who turned up with nothing"
Kevin Maguire
britains no 1 male tennis player kyle edmund can stick his patriotism where the sun dont shine when he plays d
Britain’s No 1 male tennis player Kyle Edmund can stick his patriotism where the sun don’t shine when he plays Djokovic today. The Yorkshireman’s moved his “official residence” from Beverley to a “very beneficial” Bahamas tax haven. Why’s this allowed?
J.K. Rowling
happy yorkshireday to my favourite yorkshireman mattdavelewis and to my yorkshire born heroine robin ellacott
Happy #YorkshireDay to my favourite Yorkshireman @Mattdavelewis and to my Yorkshire born heroine, Robin Ellacott.
BBC Archive
onthisday 1943 should a woman or even a yorkshireman be allowed to read the bbc news no chance
#Onthisday 1943: Should a woman or even a Yorkshireman be allowed to read the BBC news? No chance...
Premier League
the first ever pl goal scored by a yorkshireman for a yorkshire club in yorkshire yorkshireday
The first-ever #PL goal - scored by a Yorkshireman, for a Yorkshire club in Yorkshire…

Tottenham Hotspur
it s any excuse to enjoy this from our current yorkshireman danny rose on his full debut
It's #YorkshireDay. Any excuse to enjoy this 🚀 from our current Yorkshireman, Danny Rose, on his full debut... 🙌 #COYS
@bet365 9 months
billy sharp has now scored 207 english league goals since the turn of the century the yorkshireman is now one
Billy Sharp has now scored 207 English league goals since the turn of the century.

The Yorkshireman is now one goal away from matching Wayne Rooney's record.

⚔️ #twitterblades ⚔️
Mark Stone
michael is by the sounds of it a proud yorkshireman he lives and works in cyprus we worry about the talks coll
Michael is, by the sounds of it, a proud Yorkshireman! He lives and works in Cyprus.
“We worry about the talks collapsing and we lose our rights to be here. My personal finances will not allow me to buy a home in the UK.. we thought we would retire here.” #Brexit
Paddy Power
david cameron has called william hague the greatest living yorkshireman
David Cameron has called William Hague "the greatest living Yorkshireman".
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