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America's Got Talent
screaming is blessing the stage next wednesday retweet if you are freaking out about
SCREAMING!!! 🙌 🤩 is blessing the stage NEXT#AGT WEDNESDAY. RETWEET if you are FREAKING OUT about ! #BTSonAGT
Good Morning America
next wednesday on global superstars performs live in times square be part of the by submitting your idol moves
NEXT WEDNESDAY ON : Global superstars performs LIVE in Times Square!

Be part of the by submitti#GMAIdolChallengeng your ‘Idol’ move#BTSs HERE:

Donald J. Trump
and the fraudulent and dishonest statements he made on wednesday no way its time to stop this corrupt and ille
...and the fraudulent and dishonest statements he made on Wednesday. No way, it’s time to stop this corrupt and illegally brought Witch Hunt. Time to start looking at the other side where real crimes were committed. Republicans have been abused long enough. Must end now!
Michael Skolnik
she has a name unarmed 20 year old claudia patricia gomez gonzalez from guatemala was shot and killed by an ic
SHE HAS A NAME: unarmed 20 year old, Claudia Patricia Gómez González, from Guatemala, was shot and killed by an ICE agent on Wednesday near Laredo, Texas.
voting ends this wednesday march 13th at 11 59pm pt keep those votes coming
✨ @BTS_twt ✨

#BTSARMY #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards @tacobell

Voting ends this Wednesday, March 13th, at 11:59pm PT! Keep those votes coming!
Champions League
semi finals tottenham v ajax tuesday 30 april wednesday 8 may barcelona v liverpool wednesday 1 may tuesday 7

Tottenham v Ajax
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Tuesday 30 April
🇳🇱 Wednesday 8 May

Barcelona v Liverpool
🇪🇸 Wednesday 1 May
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Tuesday 7 May

Jonathan Swan
trumps personal lawyer jay sekulow just told me he first saw the mueller report on tuesday afternoon trumps le
Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow just told me he first saw the Mueller report on Tuesday afternoon. Trump’s legal team, including the Raskins, made two visits to the Justice Department to view the report securely — late Tuesday and early Wednesday, Sekulow said.
Good Morning America
it s happening next wednesday on performs live in times square rt if you re excited for

NEXT WEDNESDAY ON ! performs LIVE in Times Square!

RT if you're excited for !!!! #BTSonGMA
Video player
Louis Tomlinson
sick of seeing the likes of wednesday and rotherham on tv sort it out skysports
Sick of seeing the likes of Wednesday and Rotherham on TV ! Sort it out @SkySports
Rep. Jim Jordan
they couldnt even wait a week last wednesday democrats brought michael cohen to tell new lies but came up shor
They couldn’t even wait a week.

Last Wednesday, Democrats brought Michael Cohen to tell new lies but came up short on facts.

So today they launched an 81-letter fishing expedition.
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