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Barack Obama
me joe about halfway through the speech im gonna wish you a happy birth biden its my birthday me joe happy bir
ME: Joe, about halfway through the speech, I’m gonna wish you a happy birth--
ME: Joe.

Happy birthday to , my brother and the best vice president anybody could have.
Adam Schiff
lets check mike pences claims cleaner air and water false more polluted air days during trump s first two year
Let’s check Mike Pence’s claims:

Cleaner air and water. FALSE.
— More polluted air days during Trump's first two years in office than any of the four years before.

Lower emissions. FALSE.
— U.S. carbon emissions went up 3.4% in 2018.

Wrong, Mr. Vice President. And wrong again.
Donald J. Trump
i will be announcing my second term presidential run with first lady melania vice president mike pence and sec
I will be announcing my Second Term Presidential Run with First Lady Melania, Vice President Mike Pence, and Second Lady Karen Pence on June 18th in Orlando, Florida, at the 20,000 seat Amway Center. Join us for this Historic Rally! Tickets:
Dan Rather
we have a president of the united states wink at a murderous dictator to mock a former vice president as what
We have a president of the United States wink at a murderous dictator to mock a former vice president? As what? A campaign surrogate for 2020? This is despicable in too many ways to count.
billy eichner
the president of the united states saying that our vice president would love to hang all gay people evil piece
The President of the United States saying that our Vice President would love to hang all gay people. Evil pieces of shit.
Cory Booker
vice president joe biden told me i should know better as a black man in america here s what i know
Vice President Joe Biden told me I should know better. As a Black man in America, here's what I know:
Jim Acosta
biden camp responds as trump lands back in us the presidents comments are beneath the dignity of the office to
Biden camp responds as Trump lands back in US: "The President’s comments are beneath the dignity of the office. To be on foreign soil, on Memorial Day, and to side repeatedly with a murderous dictator against a fellow American and former Vice President speaks for itself." 1/2
@CNN 2 days
vice president mike pence refuses to say whether the climate crisis is a threat when asked repeatedly by cnns
Vice President Mike Pence refuses to say whether the climate crisis is a threat, when asked repeatedly by CNN’s Jake Tapper. #CNNSOTU
Adam Schiff
in a more respectful time mr vice president there would be a justice named merrick garland on the supreme cour
In a more respectful time, Mr. Vice President, there would be a Justice named Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court. But Garland never got so much as a hearing or even a courtesy visit from Senator McConnell.
Robert Costa
an unusual group on air force two today vice president senate majority leader and chief justice all on the pla
An unusual group on Air Force Two today: Vice President, Senate Majority Leader, and Chief Justice all on the plane. Rare to have that trio together, particularly on a flight.
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