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Sarah Silverman
the vatican sponsored the event and sent their own sistine chapel choir to new york to perform at the gala the
The Vatican sponsored the event, and sent their own Sistine Chapel choir to New York to perform at the gala. The Vatican also loaned several sacred items from its own collection to the exhibit. Peace
Richard Dawkins
im on this morning interviewed by julia george apparently stimulated by a vatican sponsored conference on athe
I’m on @BBCRADIOKENT this morning, interviewed by Julia George, apparently stimulated by a Vatican-sponsored conference on atheism. About 5 minutes, somewhere around 9.20 am.
ABC News
@ABC 2 years
vatican sponsored conference criticizes trump orders
Vatican-sponsored conference criticizes Trump orders
Vatican - news
stimulate your creative side and participate in the vatican sponsored poster and video competition
Stimulate your creative side and participate in the Vatican-sponsored #giveTRUTHvisibility poster and video competition!
Vatican - news
submit your video or poster by september 30th on the theme the truth will set you free fake news and journalis
Submit your video or poster by September 30th on the theme - "The truth will set you free: Fake News and Journalism for Peace" - to take part in this Vatican-sponsored competition.
venezuelas opposition walks out of vatican sponsored talks with the government
Venezuela’s opposition walks out of Vatican-sponsored talks with the government
KHOU 11 News Houston
speaking to a vatican sponsored anti abortion conference francis said the opposition to abortion isn t a relig
Speaking to a Vatican-sponsored anti-abortion conference, Francis said the opposition to abortion isn't a religious issue but a human one.
DW News
@dwnews 2 years
venezuela opposition says vatican sponsored talks with the government frozen vzla
#Venezuela opposition says Vatican-sponsored talks with the government 'frozen' #Vzla
Catholic News Svc
vatican sponsored cricket club ready for oct play will face teams from anglican church buenos aires amp muslim
#Vatican-sponsored cricket club ready for Oct play: Will face teams from Anglican Church, Buenos Aires & Muslim team
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