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new hopes new dreams the sunflowers along university avenue in up diliman are now in full bloom since the earl
New hopes, new dreams. 🌻

The sunflowers along University Avenue in UP Diliman are now in full bloom.

Since the early 1980’s, these sunflowers have graced the school’s graduation ceremonies, serving as a yellow backdrop when the graduates march in. 📸 Beth Frondoso/Rappler
New York City Alerts
graphic video a 38 year old man was beaten into coma during a robbery sunday on 183rd street near aqueduct ave
GRAPHIC VIDEO‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️. a 38 year old Man was beaten into coma during a robbery Sunday on 183rd Street near Aqueduct Avenue in the University Heights section of the Bronx, please contact w/any info you might have on this suspect.
CityNews Toronto
the raptors parade starts at 10 am on monday at the ovo centre on the exhibition grounds and will travel along
The Raptors parade starts at 10 a.m. on Monday at the OVO Centre on the Exhibition grounds and will travel along Lake Shore to York Street, then York to University Avenue then to Armoury Street and to Nathan Phillips Square.
@CP24 1 month
raptors fans are climbing on buses buildings and police cars near richmond street and university avenue to try
Raptors fans are climbing on buses, buildings, and police cars near Richmond Street and University Avenue to try to get a better view of the parade
@CP24 1 week
judge rules that sexual assault charges laid against hedley s jacob hoggard will proceed to trial he will app
#BREAKING : Judge rules that sexual assault charges laid against Hedley's Jacob Hoggard will proceed to trial. He will appear next at 361 University Avenue courthouse on Aug. 23.
Devin Heroux
womensmarch in toronto shutting down university avenue as it moves toward city hall cbctoronto cbcalerts
#WomensMarch in Toronto shutting down University Avenue as it moves toward City Hall. @CBCToronto @CBCAlerts
@CP24 1 month
a massive crowd at university avenue and front street waits for the raptors to pass through on the parade rout
A massive crowd at University Avenue and Front Street waits for the Raptors to pass through on the parade route
@KTVU 4 years
update protesters shut down i 80 near university avenue in berkeley berkeleyprotests
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