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Chris Haynes
uncle dennis speaks uncle of raptors star kawhi leonard to yahoo sports on why they requested trade from spurs
Uncle Dennis Speaks: Uncle of Raptors star Kawhi Leonard to Yahoo Sports on why they requested trade from Spurs, initial reluctance to go to Toronto, being vindicated, affection for city and free-agency process.
Yahoo Canada Sports
uncle dennis has broken his silence and apparently kawhi speaks highly of toronto
Uncle Dennis has broken his silence, and apparently Kawhi speaks highly of Toronto.


@BarDown 3 weeks
kawhi leonards uncle dennis speaks on reaching the finals and his love for toronto more
Kawhi Leonard’s ‘Uncle Dennis’ speaks on reaching the Finals and his love for Toronto. MORE @
Mark McAllister
kawhi leonards uncle dennis speaks hes ready for this moment raptors wethenorth
Kawhi Leonard’s ‘Uncle Dennis’ speaks: ‘He’s ready for this moment’ #Raptors #WeTheNorth
Donald Clarke
i quite like that dennis taylor speaks like your uncle putting on his telephone voice mastersnooker
I quite like that Dennis Taylor speaks like your uncle putting on his “telephone voice”. #mastersnooker
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