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Joy Reid
anyone who stands with donald trump now is sending a message whether they intend to or not no one can pretend
Anyone who stands with Donald Trump now is sending a message, whether they intend to or not. No one can pretend to be unaware of what he is.
bill clinton nea chair we wanted citizens compliant so we made them unaware now unaware amp non compliant so t
Bill Clinton NEA Chair: We wanted citizens compliant, so we made them unaware. Now unaware & non-compliant, so Trum…
Kamala Harris
approximately a third of americans are unaware its open enrollment help us spread the word sign up to get cove
Approximately a third of Americans are unaware it’s open enrollment. Help us spread the word!

Sign up to get covered at
Stephanie Ruhle
what baffles me most is how michael cohen could be unaware cellphones track location law enforcement can get g
What baffles me most is how Michael Cohen could be unaware - cellphones track location
- law enforcement can get get phone records
How does a lawyer who pays off mistresses, deals in shady taxi cmedallions & evades taxes NOT know how burner phones work?
Jake Tapper
for those unaware article five of the nato treaty an armed attack on one member shall be considered an attack
For those unaware, Article Five of the NATO treaty — an “armed attack” on one member “shall be considered an attack against them all” — has been invoked exactly once: by the other nations after the US was attacked on 9/11.
Jim Acosta
wh counsel rejects house dem request for info on trump putin communications while we respectfully seek to acco
WH counsel rejects House Dem request for info on Trump Putin communications: "While we respectfully seek to accommodate appropriate oversight requests, we are unaware of any precedent supporting such sweeping requests."
Bernie Sanders
trump might be unaware that puerto rico is part of the us but congress must move as quickly as possible to pas
Trump might be unaware that Puerto Rico is part of the US, but Congress must move as quickly as possible to pass a disaster relief package.
breaking federal prosecutors allege that officials at a shelter in mesa az were unaware that an hiv positive w
BREAKING: Federal prosecutors allege that officials at a shelter in Mesa, AZ were unaware that an HIV-positive worker was sexually abusing boys in its care for months.
Peter Alexander
siren steve bannon was certain that after the july 2016 trump tower meeting trump jr had taken the participant
SIREN: "Steve Bannon was certain that after the (July 2016 Trump Tower) meeting, Trump, Jr. had taken the participants to see his father," per excerpts from new Michael Wolff book, "Fire & Fury."
Trump has claimed he was unaware any meeting with Russians took place.
Philip Rucker
remarkable statement from tillerson spokesman sec state wanted to stay in his job was unaware of the reason fo
Remarkable statement from Tillerson spokesman: Sec State wanted to stay in his job, was “unaware of the reason” for his firing and has not spoken to Trump about it.
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