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Amitabh Bachchan
t 2421 world polio day proud i helped endpolionow in india with unicef amp rotary do boond zindagi ke pro
T 2421 - World Polio Day Proud I helped @EndPolioNow in India with @unicef & @Rotary.. "do boond zindagi ke" .. pro…
@BJP4India 1 year
each household in india will save rs 50000 per year from narendramodi s swachhbharat mission unicef
Each household in India will save Rs. 50,000 per year from @narendramodi's #SwachhBharat mission : @UNICEF
World Economic Forum
how do you close the gender gap in india start at school wef gendergap unicef
How do you close the #gender gap in India? Start at school #wef #gendergap @UNICEF
Amitabh Bachchan
t 1550 polio eradicated from india an 8 year campaign with the unicef ambassadorship feel such accomplishment
T 1550 - Polio eradicated from India .. an 8 year campaign with the UNICEF ambassadorship ! Feel such accomplishment and joy !
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
my prayers are with nepal india amp tibet to help or text the word nepal to 864233 unicef to make a 10 donatio
My prayers are with Nepal, India & Tibet. To help: or text the word Nepal to 864233 (UNICEF) to make a $10 donation
Daily Mail Online
unicef s new mascot mr poo encourages children in india to defecate in toilets
UNICEF's new mascot, Mr Poo, encourages children in India to defecate in toilets
@UNICEF 1 year
have you checked our instagram story lilly singh is in india visiting unicef supported programmes
Have you checked our Instagram Story? Lilly Singh is in India visiting UNICEF-supported programmes:
@UNICEF 1 year
check out lilly singh iisuperwomanii s vlog on her 1st few days in india visiting unicef supported programmes
Check out Lilly Singh @IISuperwomanII 's vlog on her 1st few days in India visiting UNICEF-supported programmes
@UNICEF 1 year
is in india visiting unicef supported programmes check out our story to learn more
. is in India visiting UNICEF-supported programmes! Check out our Story to learn more →
@ANI_news 4 years
india s unicef ambassador amp bollywood actor aamir khan signed as unicefs ambassador for south asia
India's UNICEF Ambassador & Bollywood actor Aamir Khan signed as UNICEF’s Ambassador for South Asia
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