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CBC Radio
ma nee chacaby is a two spirit ojibwa cree elder meaning she carries both a male and a female spirit inside
Ma-Nee Chacaby is a two-spirit Ojibwa-Cree elder, meaning she carries both a male and a female spirit inside.
CBC Radio
@cbcradio 4 months
as a cree two spirit amp transgender woman arielle twist has every reason to be afraid of dating indigenous wo
As a Cree, two-spirit & transgender woman, Arielle Twist has every reason to be afraid of dating.

Indigenous women represent 5% of Canada, yet represent 36% of those killed each year.
Transgender people are more likely to experience partner violence
CBC Newfoundland
qampa with jack saddleback discussing experience as a cree two spirit transgender gay man
Q&A with Jack Saddleback discussing experience as a Cree, two-spirit, transgender, gay man

CBC Radio
jacksaddleback is cree he s two spirit and he s a transgender gay man cbcunreserved
.@JackSaddleback is Cree. He's two-spirit. And he's a transgender gay man. @CBCUnreserved:
Metro Calgary
jonny appleseed follows the titular character a witty pained resilient and powerful yet tender oji cree two sp
Jonny Appleseed follows the titular character, a witty, pained, resilient and powerful-yet-tender Oji-Cree two-spirit Indigiqueer webcam boy who hails from Peguis First Nation in Manitoba.
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