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Andrew Neil
tiny pacific nation of tuvalu long touted as prime candidate to disappear as climate change forces up sea leve
Tiny Pacific nation of Tuvalu — long touted as prime candidate to disappear as climate change forces up sea levels — growing in size, new research from University of Auckland shows. Up 73 hectares in 40 years.
whereartthou vincent j f huangs sinking installation for tuvalu at labiennale
#whereartthou: Vincent J. F. Huang’s sinking installation for Tuvalu at @la_Biennale
The Int'l Spectator
countries with full diplomatic relations with taiwan paraguay the vatican swaziland burkina faso haiti belize
The Economist
embassies in london are worth a lot if tuvalu sold up it could pay 11 of its national debt
Embassies in London are worth a lot. If Tuvalu sold up, it could pay 11% of its national debt
The QI Elves
10 of tuvalu s gdp comes from registration of tv domain names photo stefan lins
10% of Tuvalu's GDP comes from registration of .tv domain names. (Photo: Stefan Lins.)
The QI Elves
picking a destination for your summer holidays how about flying into fun funafuti international airport tuvalu
Picking a destination for your summer holidays? How about flying into FUN (Funafuti International Airport, Tuvalu)? Other notable destinations to consider: BOO (Bodø, Norway), BUM (Butler Memorial Airport, Missouri), BRR (Barra, Scotland) - or even SEX (Sembach Kaserne, Germany).
OMG Facts
the 4th smallest country in the world tuvalu
The 4th smallest country in the world, Tuvalu
AFP news agency
what are the odds of tuvalu s only olympic athlete getting gold at rio2016
What are the odds of #Tuvalu's only Olympic athlete getting gold at #Rio2016?
People's Daily,China
chinese navy helps rescue a tuvalu flagged cargo ship that s hijacked by somali pirates on sunday in the gulf
Chinese navy helps rescue a Tuvalu-flagged cargo ship that's hijacked by Somali pirates on Sunday in the Gulf of Aden. 19 crew members saved
Kevin Rudd
@MrKRudd 8 months
if this report is true morrison should hang his head in shame have they not worked out that if tuvalu kiribati
If this report is true, Morrison should hang his head in shame. Have they not worked out that if Tuvalu, Kiribati and Nauru go under, the climate refugees problem will be Australia's to solve?!
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