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Arthur Delaney
chuck grassley said he got acorn s tax returns for legislative purposes but dems want trump s for political pu
Chuck Grassley said he got ACORN's tax returns for "legislative purposes," but Dems want Trump's for "political purposes."

"It’s black and white."

Former ACORN exec Bertha Lewis agrees: “We were black and they were white."

Donald Trump Jr.
ill save you guys the trouble amp summarize the so you dont have to watch trump bad despite booming economy am
I’ll save you guys the trouble & summarize the #Oscars so you don’t have to watch.

Trump: bad, despite booming economy & lowest black/Hispanic unemployment ever.

Walls: Immoral, except outside our houses.

Socialism: Pay no attention to mayhem in Venezuela, let’s give it a try
Conan O'Brien
trump is already tweeting that black friday is the most ungrateful of all the fridays
Trump is already tweeting that Black Friday is the most ungrateful of all the Fridays.
Joy Reid
honest question why are republicans who have almost no african american support constantly talking about black
Honest question: why are Republicans, who have almost no African-American support, constantly talking about black unemployment rates? Trump and his followers (Rep. Gaetz just did it) never stop talking about it.
Donald J. Trump
bet founder trump s economy is bringing black workers back into the labor force
“BET founder: Trump's economy is bringing black workers back into the labor force”
Charles M. Blow
stop infantalizing white men and pathologizing black ones kavanaugh accused of attempted rape was 17 trump def
Stop infantalizing white men and pathologizing black ones.

Kavanaugh, accused of attempted rape, was 17: Trump defending his “very special” guy.

All of the Central Park Five, accused of rape, we’re YOUNGER than 17: Trump said he hated them and called for their execution.
Donald J. Trump
watch kanye west says trump wants to be the greatest president for black americans via breitbartnews
Watch: Kanye West Says Trump Wants to Be the ‘Greatest President’ for Black Americans via @BreitbartNews
Isaiah Washington
let the coon accusations begin but i have a few questions so im to believe that all of the white trump support
Let the “coon” accusations begin, but I have a few questions. So, I’m to believe that ALL of the white Trump supporters are vile and disgusting fascist racists, because they’re white? So, I’m also responsible for ALL of the black on black murdering, because I’m black right?
Joy Reid
@JoyAnnReid 11 months
muslim ban separating migrant parents and children even babies planned internment camps puerto rico amp usvi l
Muslim ban
Separating migrant parents and children, even babies
Planned internment camps
Puerto Rico & USVI left to suffer
Realigning America with dictators and spurning our allies
Black athletes forced into patriotic displays
Trade wars

Trump has been president 17 months.
Maggie Haberman
woods is a world class golf star but with tiger woods medal of freedom and conrad black pardon trump is using
Woods is a world-class golf star. But with Tiger Woods Medal of Freedom and Conrad Black pardon, Trump is using power of his office to aid or reward people who were famous or elite who didn’t thumb their noses at him before he was president.
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