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@Variety 3 years
daniel webber eliza taylor miselizajane to star in police drama thumper exclusive
Daniel Webber, Eliza Taylor (@MisElizaJane) to star in police drama "Thumper" (EXCLUSIVE)
@Disney 5 years
if you can t say something nice don t say nothing at all thumper bambi
"If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." - Thumper #Bambi
@Pink 5 years
just watched bambi for the first time with my 2 yr old horrified hunters are the worst we are both scarred tha
Just watched Bambi for the first time with my 2 yr old. Horrified!!! Hunters are the WORST! We are both scarred!!!! Thank god 4 Thumper
James Bond
@007 5 months
diamonds are forever premiered in the uk today at the odeon leicester square in 1971 did you know bambi and th
DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER premiered in the UK today at the Odeon Leicester Square in 1971. Did you know Bambi and Thumper were originally written as men?
Gary Lineker
theo s thumper for your enjoyment
Theo's thumper for your enjoyment:
Brock Huard
marquise blair is a bad boy on the football field he likes to punish 8 years ago i loved russ 4 years ago i lo
Marquise Blair is a bad boy on the football field. He likes to punish. 8 years ago I loved Russ. 4 years ago I loved Lockett. And as I sat on my couch this is the thumper the Hawks secondary needs. Bad Boy
ABC News
@ABC 3 years
real life bambi and thumper playing in the rocky mountains caught on video
Real-life Bambi and Thumper playing in the Rocky Mountains caught on video:
Sierra Club
the arctic national wildlife refuge is a sacred life giving place for caribou polar bears and people alike not
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a sacred life-giving, place for caribou, polar bears, and people alike -- not a place for drills and thumper trucks.

Tell : Keep Big Oil OUT of the Refuge -->
Sierra Club
americas last great wilderness is no place for airstrips heavy machinery or 90000 lb thumper trucks say no to
America’s last great wilderness is no place for airstrips, heavy machinery, or 90,000-lb “thumper trucks.” Say NO to seismic testing in the Arctic Refuge: #ProtectTheArctic
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