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take a quick trip behind the scenes of t3 s epic everywitchway season finale prank
Take a quick trip behind-the-scenes of T3's epic #EveryWitchWay season finale prank!
Changi Airport
the kitchen by wolfgang puck is now at t3 s transit area remember to share your changiyummy photos with us
The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck is now at T3's transit area. Remember to share your #ChangiYummy photos with us!
find out more about the t3 s rival h2o
Find out more about the T3's rival, H2O:
Ulta Beauty
volumize and smooth with t3 s new volumizer heated brush it s as easy as brushing your hair
Volumize and smooth with T3's new Volumizer Heated Brush – it's as easy as brushing your hair!
round 2 leaderboard at 1 c reavie 9 2 s cink 8 t3 b crane 7 t3 s munoz 7
Round 2 leaderboard at

1. C. Reavie (-9)
2. S. Cink (-8)
T3. B. Crane (-7)
T3. S. Munoz (-7)

@LPGA 3 months
1 c choi 7 2 s meadow 5 t3 t suwannapura 4 t3 r o toole 4 t3 sh park 4 t3 a jutanugarn 4 t3 g lopez 4 t3 l dun
1. C. Choi -7
2. S. Meadow -5
T3. T. Suwannapura -4
T3. R. O'Toole -4
T3. SH Park -4
T3. A. Jutanugarn -4
T3. G. Lopez -4
T3. L. Duncan -4
T3. M. Uribe -4
T3. S. Schmelzel -4
T3. J. Yan -4
T3. SY Kim -4
T3. I. Park -4
T3. JY Ko -4
T3. H. Nomura -4
T3. M. Pressel -4
T3. M. Lee -4
Changi Airport
take a guess how many skylight openings does t3s roof have rt if you think it s 919 fav for 864 y changitrivia
Take a guess: How many skylight openings does T3’s roof have? RT if you think it's 919, Fav for 864. -Y #ChangiTrivia
vr wins t3 s gaming product of the year read the full winners list here
VR wins T3's gaming product of the year, read the full winners list here
t3 s joel bruckenstein how to build a more efficient practice video
T3's Joel Bruckenstein: How to build a more efficient practice. Video:
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