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a study in contrasts paramore s after laughter shimmers and sparkles but it doesn t avoid reality or retreat
A study in contrasts, Paramore's () 'After Laughter' shimmers and sparkles, but it doesn't avoid reality or retreat.
@CP24 4 months
impact of ice sheet retreat on canadian weather being underestimated study
Impact of ice sheet retreat on Canadian weather being underestimated: study
@nature 5 months
according to a study published in nature the variability in sea level rise along the east coast of the us is m
According to a study published in Nature, the variability in sea level rise along the East Coast of the U.S. is mostly explained by the long-term vertical adjustments of the lithosphere to the retreat of the Laurentide ice sheet.
Tony Dungy
i m at our bible study retreat today they presented me with a special collage commemorating my hof induction w
I'm at our Bible Study retreat today. They presented me with a special collage commemorating my HOF induction. Wow!
Reverend Al Sharpton
ive gathered my nationalactionnetwork staff 4 a 2 day retreat to study brainstorm amp plot the path forward
I’ve gathered my @nationalactionnetwork staff 4 a 2-day retreat to study, brainstorm & plot the path forward. ✊🏿✊🏾
@nature 2 years
the current rapid retreat of pine island glacier west antarctica began around 1945 according to a new study
The current, rapid retreat of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica, began around 1945 according to a new study
The New York Times
bits blog a retreat for google glass and a case study in the perils of making hardware
Bits Blog: A Retreat for Google Glass and a Case Study in the Perils of Making Hardware
Wall Street Journal
when the earthquake hit douglas simamora was taking a break from a bible study retreat how he survived is a mi
When the earthquake hit, Douglas Simamora was taking a break from a bible-study retreat. How he survived is a miracle, with a scientific explanation.
Tony Dungy
we are at lake mille lacs for our annual nfl coaches retreat a little fellowship bible study and fishing bragg
We are at Lake Mille Lacs for our annual NFL Coaches retreat. A little fellowship, bible study and fishing. Bragging rights on the line for the biggest walleye today.
National Post
global energy retreat from canada continues with asian firms scrapping aurora lng study
Global energy retreat from Canada continues with Asian firms scrapping Aurora LNG study
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