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apollo 14 astronaut stuart roosa carried 500 tree seeds in orbit round the moon in 1971 once back on earth man
Apollo 14 astronaut Stuart Roosa carried 500 tree seeds in orbit round the moon in 1971. Once back on Earth, many of the seeds germinated and were planted around the world. Here's one at NASA. They are known as moon trees.
today in 1971 launched to moon carrying astronauts alan shepard stuart roosa amp edgar mitchell
Today in 1971: #Apollo14 launched to Moon carrying astronauts Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa & Edgar Mitchell:
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apollo 14 launched to the moon on this date in 1971 with alan shepard edgar mitchell and stuart roosa nasa vid
Apollo 14 launched to the moon on this date in 1971 with Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell and Stuart Roosa

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the crew of apollo 14 included commander alan shepard who made history on mercury 3 as the first american in s
The crew of Apollo 14 included commander Alan Shepard, who made history on Mercury 3 as the first American in space; command module pilot Stuart Roosa; and lunar module pilot Edgar Mitchell.
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in 1971 astronauts alan shepard edgar mitchell amp stuart roosa blasted off aboard
#OTD In 1971 astronauts Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell & Stuart Roosa blasted off aboard #Apollo14 #NASA
the legacy lives on jack roosa son of stuart stu roosa the command module pilot for the apollo 14 mission has
The #Apollo50 Legacy lives on. Jack Roosa, son of Stuart "Stu" Roosa, the command module pilot for the Apollo 14 mission, has an aerospace career inspired by his astronaut father.
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48 years ago 31 jan 1971 the huge 363 feet tall apollo 14 space vehicle is launched from pad a launch complex
48 Years ago #OTD, 31 Jan. 1971) The huge, 363-feet tall Apollo 14 space vehicle is launched from Pad A, Launch Complex 39, Kennedy Space Center, aboard were astronauts Alan B. Shepard Jr commander; Stuart A. Roosa, command module pilot; and Edgar D. Mitchell, lunar module pilot.
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february 5 1971 lunar module antares on the lunar surface after landing in the fra mauro formationthe destinat
#OTD February. 5, 1971, #Apollo14 lunar module Antares on the lunar surface after landing in the Fra Mauro formation—the destination for Apollo 13

Alan Shepard and Ed Mitchell took two moonwalks. Stuart Roosa, was on board CM Kitty Hawk in lunar orbit.

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otd 1971 commander alan shepard cmp stuart roosa lmp edgar mitchell launched on their nine day mission apollo1
#OTD 1971 Commander Alan Shepard, CMP Stuart Roosa, LMP Edgar Mitchell launched on their nine-day mission #Apollo14
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