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BBC EastEnders
ricky champ has joined the cast of to play the role of stuart highway the older brother of halfway get the ful
Ricky Champ has joined the cast of #EastEnders to play the role of Stuart Highway, the older brother of Halfway! 👊

Get the full story regarding Ricky's arrival over on our Facebook page! 👉
Miami Herald
a young couples wild road trip in a mercedes from stuart to miami beach featured bar stops and speeds topping
A young couple’s wild road trip in a Mercedes from Stuart to Miami Beach featured bar stops and speeds topping 132 miles per hour. It ended early Friday when their car plunged off a highway overpass before exploding in a fireball.
NBC12 WWBT Richmond
you have jefferson davis highway you have stuart circle those guys have statues too so why not acknowledge our
"You have Jefferson Davis Highway. You have Stuart Circle. Those guys have statues, too. So, why not acknowledge our black heroes and their accolades with a street and a statue?"
Top Gear
walkinshaw s 607bhp hsv gts has landed here s what happened when we maxed it on australia s stuart highway
Walkinshaw's 607bhp HSV GTS has landed. Here's what happened when we maxed it on Australia's Stuart Highway
Top Gear
the southern hemisphere s answer to the autobahn we hit australia s stuart highway in the 680bhp walkinshaw w5
The Southern Hemisphere's answer to the Autobahn? We hit Australia's Stuart Highway in the 680bhp Walkinshaw W507
BBC Press Office
eastenders rickychamp1 stuart highway shortlisted in the ntas newcomer category
#EastEnders' @RickyChamp1 (Stuart Highway) shortlisted in the #NTAs Newcomer category
Rolling Stone
hear marty stuart s restless new song whole lotta highway from way out west
Hear Marty Stuart's restless new song "Whole Lotta Highway," from 'Way Out West'
The Sun
@TheSun 2 weeks
ben mitchell and callum highway kiss again as stuart catches them in eastenders
Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway kiss again as Stuart catches them in #EastEnders
@NITV 1 month
zibeon fielding recently rode his bike up the stuart highway in south australia along the outskirts of the nor
Zibeon Fielding recently rode his bike up the Stuart Highway in South Australia, along the outskirts of the Northern Territory and back down along the Western Australian border. A total of 710 kilometres over seven days, to give back to community.
Radio Times
ricky champ teases arrival of stuart highways dad in eastenders
Ricky Champ teases arrival of Stuart Highway’s dad in #EastEnders
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