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Adrian Wojnarowski
in the end kawhi leonard didn t want to construct a super team with the lakers he wanted a co star across the
In the end, Kawhi Leonard didn't want to construct a Super Team with the Lakers. He wanted a co-star across the Staples corridor with the Clippers, and made it clear to Steve Ballmer and Lawrence Frank: Get PG, and I'm coming.
Bleacher Report
former microsoft ceo steve ballmer has won the bidding for the clippers at 2 billion according to the latimes
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has won the bidding for the Clippers at $2 billion, according to the @latimes
Sopan Deb
good afternoon everyone this is steve ballmer bill gates and other microsoft bigwigs jamming out to the rollin
good afternoon everyone, this is steve ballmer, bill gates, and other microsoft bigwigs jamming out to the rolling stones at the launch of windows 95
The Spectator Index
age of becoming a billionaire sheldon adelson 68 warren buffett 56 charles koch 53 michael bloomberg 52 carlos
Age of becoming a billionaire.

Sheldon Adelson: 68
Warren Buffett: 56
Charles Koch: 53
Michael Bloomberg: 52
Carlos Slim: 51
Larry Ellison: 49
Bernard Arnault: 48
Jack Ma: 45
Steve Ballmer: 38
Jeff Bezos: 35
Bill Gates: 31
Larry Page: 30
Mark Zuckerberg: 23
Michael Lee
can t tell a dude he s a clipper for life then trade him to detroit six months later amp expect a handshake bu
Can't tell a dude he's a Clipper for life, then trade him to Detroit six months later & expect a handshake. Business is business. Blake Griffin ignored him, ran off & gave Steve Ballmer & the Clippers the business with 44 pts
Marc Stein
all indications to date suggest the warriors will present kevin durant with a five year 221 mil max offer when
All indications to date suggest the Warriors will present Kevin Durant with a five-year, $221 mil max offer when they get their chance. Can the Clippers -- even with two recruiters KD is known to admire: Jerry West and Steve Ballmer -- top that after the injury he just suffered?
Darren Rovell
how much money does steve ballmer have he could buy the 15 most valuable teams in the nba and still have 5 bil
How much money does Steve Ballmer have? He could buy the 15 most valuable teams in the NBA and still have $5 billion left over.
breaking judge rules against clippers owner donald sterling clearing way for 2 billion sale to steve ballmer
BREAKING: Judge rules against Clippers owner Donald Sterling, clearing way for $2 billion sale to Steve Ballmer.
Arash Markazi
steve ballmer dancing to fergie
Steve Ballmer dancing to Fergie.
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