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Dana Loesch
i never knew this about him what an amazing story star trek actor scotty aka lt james doohan led his men safel
I never knew this about him. What an amazing story: "Star Trek actor 'Scotty' aka Lt. James Doohan led his men safely across Juno Beach and took out two German snipers before becoming known as 'craziest pilot in the Canadian air force’”
@NASA 4 years
rip leonard nimoy so many of us at nasa were inspired by star trek boldly go
RIP Leonard Nimoy. So many of us at NASA were inspired by Star Trek. Boldly go...
The Washington Post
i have to tell this story before theres no one left to tell it as a child george takei was imprisoned by the u
"I have to tell this story before there’s no one left to tell it."

As a child, George Takei was imprisoned by the U.S. government. The "Star Trek" icon wants to ensure America doesn't forget its shameful legacy of internment.
Toronto Sun
bank of canada urges star trek fans to stop spocking their fivers
Bank of Canada urges Star Trek fans to stop 'Spocking' their fivers.
Empire Magazine
set phasers to f bomb quentin tarantino s star trek movie will be sweary and r rated
Set phasers to F-bombQuentin Tarantino's Star Trek movie will be sweary and R-rated:
hidden figures has now made more money the latest star trek x men and bourne films
'Hidden Figures' Has Now Made More Money The Latest 'Star Trek,' 'X-Men' and 'Bourne' Films
The New York Times
breaking news leonard nimoy spock of star trek dies at 83
Perspective Thought
star trek predicting future
Netflix US
rt if uss callister is your favorite star trek episode
RT if "USS Callister" is your favorite Star Trek episode
Noah Smith ?
internet guy where was the sci fi future i was promised me star trek says we have massive riots in 2024 and a
Internet Guy: Where was the sci-fi future I was promised?

Me: Star Trek says we have massive riots in 2024 and a nuclear holocaust in 2053.

Internet Guy: What about Back to the Future II?

Me: We have videoconferencing, the Cubs won the World Series, and Biff became president.
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