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The Hill
wnba star sue bird blasts trump s hate filled twitter spree against girlfriend megan rapinoe
WNBA star Sue Bird blasts Trump's "hate-filled Twitter spree" against girlfriend Megan Rapinoe
Bleacher Report
sue birds resume is just ridiculous 3x wnba champ 4x gold medalist 2x ncaa champ 11x wnba all star 1st all tim
Sue Bird’s resume is just ridiculous.

- 3x WNBA champ
- 4x gold medalist
- 2x NCAA champ
- 11x WNBA All Star
- 1st all-time in WNBA assists
- 3rd in threes
- 5th in steals
- 7th in points
Complex Sports
wnba legend sue bird went off on president trump trolling her girlfriend us soccer star megan rapinoe more
WNBA legend Sue Bird WENT OFF on President Trump trolling her girlfriend, US soccer star Megan Rapinoe.

Bleacher Report
storm guard sue bird comes out as gay reveals relationship with uswnt star megan rapinoe
Storm guard Sue Bird comes out as gay, reveals relationship with USWNT star Megan Rapinoe
us womens national soccer starmegan rapinoehas a lot of fans but her biggest supporter by far is her girlfrien
U.S. Women’s national soccer star Megan Rapinoe has *a lot* of fans. But her biggest supporter, by far, is her girlfriend WNBA star Sue Bird. #USAvNED
ELLE Magazine (US)
megan rapinoe s girlfriend wnba star sue bird calls out donald trump s hate filled twitter spree
Bleacher Report
diana taurasi maya moore elena delle donne and sue bird headline this year s wnba all star starters
Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore, Elena Delle Donne and Sue Bird headline this year's WNBA All-Star starters
BuzzFeed News
wnba star sue bird wrote an impassioned defense of her girlfriend megan rapinoe after trump came after her she
WNBA star Sue Bird wrote an impassioned defense of her girlfriend Megan Rapinoe after Trump came after her: "She’s going to apologize to exactly NO ONE for it."
Human Rights Campaig
all star sue bird came out in an article join in celebrating national
. All-Star Sue Bird () came out in an article. Join in celebrating National : #ComingOutDay
The Advocate
wnba star sue bird wrote a loving piece called so the president fcking hates my girlfriend
WNBA star Sue Bird wrote a loving piece called, “So the President F*cking Hates My Girlfriend.” #MeganRapinoe #WorldCup2019
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