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Jeremy Cliffe
a thread on who might get the biggest job in brussels the european commission presidency in 2014 a spitzenkand
A thread on who might get the biggest job in Brussels: the European Commission presidency. In 2014 a "Spitzenkandidat" system was introduced whereby "lead candidate" of biggest group - this time Manfred Weber of the centre-right EPP (pictured, in cardboard form) - gets the job.
Reuters Top News
merkel sticks to spitzenkandidat though macron pushes for eu talks
Merkel sticks to Spitzenkandidat though Macron pushes for EU talks
EPP Group
@EPPGroup 7 months
congratulations to our chairman he is elected as spitzenkandidat for the elections with 792 of the vote
Congratulations to our Chairman ! He is elected as Spitzenkandidat for the elections wi#EU2019th 79,2% of the vote. #StrongerTogether #AmbitiousEurope #BetterEurope #YourEurope
European Commission
president ahead of last time round the spitzenkandidat became european commission president should happen this
President @JunckerEU ahead of #EUCO:

"Last time round the Spitzenkandidat became European Commission President. Should happen this time too.”

Tony Connelly
senior eu official says eu treaties are clear there is no automaticity regarding the spitzenkandidat process t
Senior EU official says EU treaties are clear. There is no automaticity regarding the Spitzenkandidat process. The new Commission president must have a qualified majority from the Council & an absolute majority from the EP. “It’s not either or, you must have both”
Europe Elects
eu28 5 months ahead of the european election the centre left sampd with transnational spitzenkandidat frans ti
EU28: 5 months ahead of the European election, the centre-left S&D with transnational spitzenkandidat Frans Timmermans (PvdA-S&D) is polling between 5% in and 61% on the national level. Comparison with the previous national #election result. #EP2019

Europe Elects
germany since has become spitzenkandidat has overtaken merkel s
Germany: Since #Schulz has become Spitzenkandidat, #SPD has overtaken Merkel's #CDU/#CSU. #Kanzlerkandidatin #btw17 #Merkel
Europe Elects
eu28 transnational spitzenkandidat for the european commission presidency ska keller grune germany and philipp
EU28: Transnational spitzenkandidat for the European Commission Presidency Ska Keller (GRÜNE, Germany) and Philippe Lamberts (Ecolo, Belgium) have been elected co-Presidents of the 2019-2024 Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament. #EP2019 #GreenParty #Gruene #LesVerts
Stanley Pignal
35 minutes into french tv coverage and zero mention of what this means for europe or spitzenkandidat or power
35 minutes into French TV coverage and *zero* mention of what this means for Europe, or Spitzenkandidat, or power balance in Brussels. 100% on what it means for national politics. Bear that in mind when the European parliament says it has a mandate from some kind of EU "demos"
Jeremy Cliffe
vestager says broad coalition possible eg on rule of law freedom of press climate fight against tax dodging fa
Vestager says broad coalition possible - eg on rule of law, freedom of press, climate, fight against tax dodging. Fairly clear she's going for:

1) backing of Council versus Spitzenkandidat purists
2) wide coalition taking in socialists, greens, liberals and *some* EPP MEPs
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