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Donald Trump Jr.
great read amp takedown of another bs wapo hit piece can anyone reading those opening two sentences wonder why
Great read & takedown of another BS wapo hit piece.

“can anyone reading those opening two sentences wonder why millions of Americans believe Donald Trump when he tells them that he can’t get a fair shake from the press?”

The Constant Spin Zone via
Bill O'Reilly
each news program has an agenda when i ran the factor there was no agenda a true no spin zone we booked guests
Each news program has an agenda. When I ran The Factor there was no agenda- a true no spin zone. We booked guests based upon the information they possessed or if I wanted the audience to see a specific POV challenged.

That was a winning formula that does not exist any longer.
Los Angeles Times
the white house press briefing always a spin zone is now approaching uselessness
The White House press briefing, always a spin zone, is now approaching uselessness
RT America
so much for the no spin zone fox s bill o reilly under fire for false combat zone stories
So much for the 'No Spin Zone': Fox's Bill O'Reilly under fire for 'false' combat zone stories
touchdown 49ers carlos hyde channels his inner braxton miller with a spin move on his way to the end zone 49er
TOUCHDOWN 49ers!! Carlos Hyde channels his inner Braxton Miller with a spin move on his way to the end zone!

49ers on the board, lead 7-0.
Stephen A Smith
that was an absolute god awful play by just now you simply cannot make that play at that time throw the damn b
That was an absolute, God-Awful, play by just now. You simply cannot make that play at that time. Throw the damn ball away. Instead, he holds onto ball, tries to spin, gets strip-sacked, fumbles in end zone and surrenders TD. Totally inexcusable.
killermike talked to us about the importance of voting live from the spin zone following tonight s demdebate
.@KillerMike talked to us about the importance of voting, live from the 'spin zone' following tonight's #DemDebate
@NFL 1 year
the catch the spin the end zone russell shepard with the beautiful panthers td carvssf keeppounding
The Catch. The SPIN. The End Zone.

Russell Shepard with the BEAUTIFUL @Panthers TD! #CARvsSF #KeepPounding
Bill O'Reilly
vp mike pence steps into the no spin zone tonight tune into the factor for this can t miss interview
VP Mike Pence steps into the No Spin Zone tonight. Tune into The Factor for this can't-miss interview:
John Avlon
this is what a real no spin zone looks like well done tapper cuts off wh adviser stephen miller in tense inter
This is what a real "No Spin Zone" looks like - well done, - Tapper Cuts Off WH Adviser Stephen Miller in Tense Interview via
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